Saturday, November 5, 2011

Five Biggest Myths About Photography

In my experience, there are some beginners who still believe on certain myths about photography. Not only that these misconceptions aren't true, they actually provide ready made excuses for taking bad pictures. So let's discuss the five biggest myths about photography.

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1) You need lots of expensive gear to get great results.

That's completely false.

Many professional photographers shoot with one camera and one lens, and sometimes they aren't even the top-of-the-line models! These days, there aren't big differences with the photo quality between the most expensive camera to the least expensive one.

2) Only Professionals can get professional results.

That's also completely false. 

You can get professional results even if you only shoot for fun! A Professional is defined as the one who makes money out of his gear but that doesn't necessarily mean that he takes better photos than those amateur photographers who don't make money out of it. Sometimes, it's the other way around! Some of the best photographers I know aren't even professionals!

3) The camera knows best.


Don't be tempted to rely on the automatic settings of your camera. In many situations the camera is not smarter than you. And in the long run you'll get better results by learning how and when to override your camera's automatic settings in order to take better photos.

4) Photography is too complex to understand.

No, it's really not. 

There are so many technical stuff in photography that doesn't seem important in the real world. For example, to become an excellent driver, do you really need to know how the engine gets power from the gasoline? Of course not! You just need to know how to drive. Likewise to become a good photographer, you don't need to know how the images are being captured and processed by the processor or how the images are being saved in the memory card. Who cares about these technical stuff? I just want to capture great photos.

5) There are no rules in photography.

Uh-oh! Yes, there are. 

Like most things in life, there's always a right way and a wrong way to do things. Although sometimes you have the tendency to break the rules, you should stay within the boundaries for people to admire and respect your work.

Now that you know these myths, you are hereby prohibited to use any of them as an excuse if you don't like the way your photos turn out. Remember, the success of your photography is 100% in your own hands.

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